If you have a scheduled business trip or if you and your family or friends are planning to visit Manila Philippines for a vacation, it would be nice to visit some of the most wonderful and amazing places in Manila. Your tour in Manila will surely be full of thrill and excitement.

As a background; Philippines is composed of 7,000 plus islands. It belongs to the South East Asian nations. The tropical climate here is ideal for agriculture industry. We, as Philippine nationals call ourselves Filipinos. The capital city of the Philippines is Manila, the heart and soul of our country. The whole region is called Metro Manila comprises of different cities and municipalities. Filipinos living and born in Manila called themselves Manileno (‘Manilenyo’).

In this article, I listed some of the places in Manila where you should include in your itinerary for your tour in Manila. These top places in Manila are my personal choice and what I have been recommending to all my friends here and abroad. These must-see places in Manila are the most tourist visited sites.

1. Manila Ocean Park

This man-made water world wonder is situated in Pasay City. A marine-oriented park has been one of the top tourist destinations in Manila. Monumental as it is which would make you tour in manila a delightful experience. It presents different water species which really are appealing to all of us especially to our kids. You would love to see the marine life exhibits in a variety of platforms in a unique impressive way.

The Oceanarium is a pond full of marine life attractions which was the first here in Manila Philippines. It is the largest underwater tunnel for people’s enjoyment. You’ll see this marine life habitat as if you are submerged under sea water. This truly is amazing. The sea lions and the jelly fish are just some of the main attractions in the Oceanarium. This is one of the places in Manila you’ll surely enjoy and of course to make your tour in manila a beautiful experience, you must visit Manila Ocean Park.

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address and contact information, you may visit the official Manila Ocean Park website atwww.manilaoceanpark.com.

To get there, here is the Map.

The next in the list for places in Manila where you will surely make your tour in Manila a wonderful experience is the Baywalk Manila.

2. Baywalk Manila

Have you been to a place within a city where you can feel fresh and morning air breeze day and night? We’ll there are places in Manila that are so relaxing with plenty of choices on what you would want to do. One of these places is the ‘Manilabay’ or Baywalk. This uniquely developed seashore view located along side the coastal road would really make your tour in Manila so exciting.

The Baywalk Manila was once became a dirty place in Manila. It was also a place where petty criminals were roaming around. Less fortunate people also gather here as their refuge area. This place was also famous to drug addict people to harbor themselves. Motorists that travel along the Coastal road have clear view of the bay but there were shanties which were built by the fishermen for their shelter nearby the seashore. It was then transformed by the local government of Manila to a fun and leisure hub in the city, and it became the “Baywalk” Manila known to Filipinos.

Every Friday and during weekends, many people gather in this place to take advantage of the magnificent view of the sunrise and the sunset. Parents bring along their kids and relatives. This is also a nice place to be to meet your friends and colleagues.

You can jog in the morning and have your diner at night. There are plenty of food stores and restaurants side to side and in every corner. Night life is so lively that different bars have many gimmicks and offer discounts in many different ways out of competition. Live bands / acoustic bands can be heard in every block as people are having night fun excitement.

To get there

Baywalk Manila is situated at the Roxas boulevard also known as the Coastal road. The landmark just beside the Baywalk Manila is the Cultural Center of the Philippines or the CCP complex. It is almost a two kilometer strip alongside Manila bay seashore. If you are coming from Manila area, just follow the route to Roxas boulevard and straight ahead until you see Manila Baywalk at the right side. If you are coming from the northern part of Metro Manila, it would be easier to head to Edsa and turn right going to Roxas boulevard. For those who will come from the southern part, you may take Edsa or the Alabang Zapote road. Here is the map you could use.

To maximize your Baywalk experience

While your tour in Manila is getting more exciting, and you opt to go to Baywalk Manila, here are some of the tips I could share for you to be able to maximize your fun experience.

If you decided to go there in the morning, it would be best to wake very early and be there around 5:00 am. You will see the amazing view of the sunset. For Baywalk Manila night visit, it’s up to you what time you prefer, but I would highly suggest being there as early as 7:00 pm. So that you’ll have time to eat diner while avoiding the crowd rush at 8:00 pm.

Park just near CCP complex. Start to walk from CCP and head towards Baywalk Manila. Is this a good idea? Actually it’s not. But I would really recommend the walking for your full appreciation of the entire Baywalk Manila stretch. Needless to say, walking is a good exercise once in a while if you are not really into physical fitness or exercise.

Stop, walk and listen. Stop whenever you want. Buy coffee, any drink or some snacks. Walk and continue to see the end to end of Baywalk Manila. At night, you may stop to listen to the live band music. Musical instrument rocks in every corner. Sure the entertainment is astonishing and would general audiences. You could also rent a videoke machine or toss a peso coin if you would like to your own version of a song. Songs maybe if you feel you are lucky to hit those high notes J. There are restaurants also along shore. Some would have pricy menus while some offer reasonable prices. These restaurants have variety of food cuisine for other nationalities as well; Korean, Thai, Chinese, American and many others. Baywalk Manila is a perfect escape for those who would want to relieve stress from a weeklong work.

Every Sunday morning, Baywalk Manila is a meeting place for many people. A lot of them usually visit this place to relax and experience the beautiful view of the sunset. Some are into aerobics, jogging and some are just there for past time. This place is also for lovers. Many couples and sweethearts gather in this place thus creating a romantic ambience.

Like the Manila Ocean Park, two thumbs of for Baywalk Manila. Places in Manila like this will surely make you tour in Manila very memorable.

3. Rizal Park

Continue your tour in Manila. Explore this historic park that symbolizes honor and pride of our National Hero, Dr. Jose Rizal. He fought Spanish oppressions back then peacefully. His idealism thought the Filipinos how to become creative and promote peaceful resolution amidst silent-war scenario.

There are a lot of places in Manila where you could go, but this is a one-stop leisure park to go to. You may visit the Orchidarium, Butterfly Pavilion, Chess Plaza and the Chinese and Japanese Garden as well.

Rizal Park is in the middle of the city. It’s just a few kilometers away from the Manila City Hall. To get there, here is the map:

This is one of the places in Manila that you shouldn’t miss.

4. SM Mall of Asia

This gigantic-colossal mall in Pasay is the world’s third largest mall. It is the largest here in the Philippines. It is located in Pasay which is very near the Manila Baywalk. Here, you can also have a glimpse of the beautiful sunset.

The mall is made up of four huge buildings. The mall can accommodate more than 5,000 cars. Visiting this mall together with your kids is really a fun experience, however you should at least use an ID or tag for your kids just in case they get lost while moving around. Whole day is not enough to go over the entire mall. It will take you at least 3-4 days before you could drop-by to all stores and establishments. Here you can watch movies thru its IMAX theatre, first ever here in the Philippines. There is an ice skating arena, the Science Museum and many other fun and excitements just around the corners. Just be ready because you’ll get tired walking all day.

Where is it located? How do I get there?

SM Mall of Asia is in Pasay City near Roxas boulevard. Here is the location map.

If you have a service vehicle, you could just head straight to Edsa if you’re coming from north or south of Metro Manila. You’ll never get lost or even miss this very huge mall.