Special Features:

Fiberglass radomes
Overlapping outer shells for addedstrength
Strong waterproof joint couplings
Stainless steelhardware
Wide band performance
Factory adjusted, no tuning required
Highest gain
High wind rating
DC grounded

Bands:Tunable from 144-174
Gain dB:7.8
Max Power Rating:350
Wind Rating:90
Element Phasing:3-5/8l


Rating 1-10: 7 point


1. This Diamond Antenna has superb built with 3 tube sections.

2. No tuning required. wide-range frequency.

3. 1.1 SWR on my Diamond 400 watt meter.

4. Powerful signal thruput with very minimal loss.

5. Prone to lightning strike? I actually experienced it. :(

I could still remember so vividly that 3 Diamond antennas were connected at the roof top of our building. There were 2 CP22E and 1 F23H. Lightning struct, only the F23H was directly hit. Though one of the CP22E was relatively higher than the F23H. It was really a traumatic experience.

Diamond Antenna F23H