I have been using a Banco De Oro credit card for almost a year. Unlike the first credit card I used (no mention on the brand name), I had a lot of difficulty using the previous one. With BDO credit card, issuance and delivery of the statement of account is always on schedule prior to the due date. No need for me to call their hotline every month due to delayed SOA which caused delay in my payment using my previous credit card. Customers service is just perfect for me.

I could still remember one time that I used the card and spent more than 30,000 Peso, somebody from their call center contacted me on my cellphone and confirmed if the transactions committed a few minutes ago were really mine. That time, I felt so secured and even thinking that prevention or mitigation in case the card is compromised is likely to happen.

Like other brands, there are a lot of choices or flavors to choose from. Credit limit will also depend on your monthly revenue or salary.

Here are some of the Banco De Oro credit card information (as of this writing).

BDO Shop More MasterCard Credit Card


Get an SM Advantage Card, free!

SM shoppers get rewarded with points for every purchase through the Peso Payback Rewards Program. Points can be used to redeem the showcased items in all SM Advantage partner establishments.

Five Supplementary Cards on the First Year

Earning of Peso Points

The following will be the amount of Peso Points earned in the SM Advantage Card for every P200 worth of purchase from these establishments:

SM Department Store, Ace Hardware, Ace Builders Center, Toy Kingdom, Sports Central, Adidas (Inside SM Supermalls)*

BDO Credit Cards: 1.50 Peso Points*
Other Credit Cards: 0.5 Peso Point
CASH: 1 Peso Point

SM Supermarket, SM Hypermarket, Save More Supermarket, SM Appliance Center, Watsons, Our Home, Surplus Shop, Baby & Co., Kultura Filipino, Levi’s, Dockers, Factory Sale Outlet, Triumph

BDO Credit Cards: 1 Peso Point*
Other Credit Cards: 0.25 Peso Point
CASH: 1 Peso Point

Non-SM Establishments / Elsewhere

BDO Credit Cards: .50 Peso Point
Other Credit Cards: x Point**
CASH: 1 Peso Point

* Applies to purchases with BDO MasterCard Shop More Credit Card together with the free SM Advantage Card

** Depends on the used credit card’s Rewards Points System

Easier Installments
By using BDO MasterCard Shop More Credit Card, you get to avail of easy installment promos of as low as 0% interest.

More Discounts and Privileges

BDO MasterCard Shop More Credit Card users can also sink into big discounts and free items through the BDO Delights and SM Exclusives program!:

BDO Delights

BDO MasterCard Shop More Credit Card has partnered with preferred shops, boutiques, restaurants and hotels so card holders can enjoy as much as 50% worth of year-round, exclusive discounts and freebies.

SM Exclusives

Get EXCLUSIVE discounts and freebies when you use your BDO MasterCard Shop More Credit Card in the following SM Affiliate Shops: SM Appliance, Ace Hardware, Ace Builders Center, Our Home, Kultura Filipino, Toy Kingdom, Baby & Co., Storyland, IMAX Theatre, SM International Ice Skating Rink, SM Bowling, Sports Central, Adidas, Surplus Shop, and Triumph.


Cash Advance

BDO MasterCard Shop More Credit Card users can use up to 30% of the assigned Credit Limit Over-the-Counter at any BDO branch or at any ATM bearing the MasterCard Cirrus logo.

1/20 Value Payment

BDO MasterCard Shop More Credit Card allows card holders to pay only the minimum amount equivalent to 5% of the outstanding balance or P200, whichever is higher.

Free Lost Card Protection

The Lost Card Protection feature frees card users from any liability when the card gets used fraudulently. Coverage under Lost Card Protection begins from the time the loss is reported to BDO Customer Contact Center.

BDO Customer Contact Center numbers are: 631-8000 for Metro Manila or domestic toll-free at 1-800-10-6318000 (PLDT) or 1-800-3-6318000 (Digitel).

MasterCard’s Global Presence

BDO MasterCard Shop More Credit Card is accepted and recognised by major establishments nationwide and in over 20 million locations in 275 countries and territories where MasterCard is accepted.

Bills Payment Facilities

BDO Branch Counters

BDO eBanking*

BDO Phone Banking*

SM Bills Payment Counters

* Enrollment is needed to avail of this payment facility. Please call the BDO Customer Contact Center for assistance.

For the updated information on Banco De Oro credit cards, please visit BDO official website at www.bdo.com.ph.

Click here to view the list of branches of Banco De Oro in the Philippines

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